Beko WTL84141W 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine

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Explore the Beko WTL84141W Washing Machine: A Symphony of Efficiency, Eco-Friendliness, and Swiftness

Step into the realm of household appliances redefined with the Beko WTL84141W, an exquisite answer to the needs of bustling families and environmentally conscious homeowners. Beyond its function as a mere laundry device, this washing machine embodies a harmonious blend of innovative design and advanced features, promising not just cleanliness but also a commitment to the planet and time-saving convenience.

Key Features of the Beko WTL84141W:

Generous Dimensions: Tailored for family living, the WTL84141W boasts a capacious 8kg load capacity.

Remarkable Speed: Experience the efficiency of the Quick Programme, capable of cleansing a full load in an astonishing 28 minutes, and the Super Quick programme, handling 2kg loads in a mere 14 minutes.

Eco-Friendly Ingenuity: Pioneering Recycled Tub® technology incorporates up to 10% recycled plastic bottles in the tub, curbing plastic pollution and reducing the product's carbon footprint.

Energy Efficiency: The WTL84141W proudly carries an energy efficiency class of C, reflecting its commitment to resource-conscious operation.

Space-Saving Design: Featuring a slim depth, this washing machine provides a space-saving solution, ensuring seamless installation even in confined spaces.

Diverse Programmes: Choose from 15 distinct programmes, spanning from Cottons to Anti Allergy, catering to all your laundry requirements.

Safety Features: Equipped with a Child Lock feature, the WTL84141W ensures added safety in busy households.

Innovative Features of the Beko WTL84141W:

RecycledTub® Technology: Championing environmental responsibility, the washing machine incorporates recycled materials, fostering a healthier planet and minimizing the use of new plastic.

Fast and Efficient Performance: Bid farewell to prolonged wash cycles. The Quick Programme and Super Quick programme, along with the Fast+ function, deliver rapid results, ideal for those pressed for time.

Hygienic Washing: The DrumClean Programme employs a hot 70°C cycle to eliminate bacteria from the drum, ensuring a hygienic wash every time.

Versatile Functionality: With a repertoire of 15 programmes and additional functions like Prewash, Fast+, and Anti Crease, the WTL84141W adapts to various laundry needs effortlessly.

User-Friendly Operation: Features like the Time Remaining Display, up to 19 hours of Time Delay, adjustable spin speed, and temperature selection offer a customizable and convenient washing experience.

Safety and Convenience: Enhanced safety features, such as the Child Lock, prevent unintended interruptions, while functions like Anti Crease reduce the need for post-wash ironing.

Additional Specifications:

  • Maximum Spin Speed: 1400rpm
  • Automatic Half Load: Yes
  • Automatic Unbalanced Load Control: Yes
  • Rinse Hold: Yes

By seamlessly intertwining swift performance with eco-conscious design, the Beko WTL84141W washing machine emerges as a future-focused solution to everyday laundry tasks. It's not just an appliance; it's a commitment to a greener, more efficient future. Elevate your laundry experience by upgrading to the Beko WTL84141W today and embrace the perfect fusion of efficiency, innovation, and environmental care.


Built-in or Freestanding Freestanding
Energy Efficiency Class C
Spin Speed 1400 Spin
Water Supply (Cold/Hot) Cold
Capacity 8 kg
Number of Programmes 15
Programmes Cotton
Hand Wash
Delicate Wash
Anti Stain
Rinse Cycle
Anti Allergy
Drain & Spin
Mixed Load
Colour White
Height 84 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 59 cm
Warranty 1 Year Guarantee
Manufacturer Beko
Brand Name Beko
Quick Wash Option Yes
Out of Balance Protection Yes
Child Lock Yes
Built-in Display LCD

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