Freestanding Appliance Repairs : Washing Machine repairs - Washer Dryer repairs - Tumble Dryer repairs - Dishwasher repairs - Spin Dryers.

We offer a free local call out to your appliance where we can take a brief look and give you an estimate and advice on what is needed to repair. We cannot spend a great deal of time on a free estimate but it is rare we cannot diagnose the fault in the time we allow. If we feel it will take a longer time to give you an estimate we will inform you of this and let you know what we would need to charge you before we carry on. We do not always inform you of what parts are required to repair on the initial visit but we do give you a price. Our actual charge to repair any fault is £35.00 wether we are there 5 mins or an hour the fee is the same providing we have corrected the machines fault that you reported, Excludes any parts we need to fit.  

Built In Appliance Repairs : Please Contact us on 01253 855616 for this.

Vacuum Cleaner Repairs : You can either bring your vacuum in to us and we will take your details and you can leave it with us. Timescale can vary depending if we need to order any parts in, but we do try and get it back to you as quickly as possible. We can also collect your vacuum from your home and return it when completed for no extra charge, locally. Call for this service 01253 855616. We repair most brands of vacuum cleaners. Forecourt parking so no need to lug it about too far.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair Charges From :

Estimate £3.95
Repair Only £9.90
Service Only £14.95
Repair and Service £19.95

All prices include VAT at 20% but exclude any spare parts, if needed.

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